Aeterna Slot Machine: Black Pudding Games and 1×2 Gaming Collaborate

Aeterna Slot

In collaboration with independent provider Black Pudding Games, developer 1×2 Gaming offers a slot titled Aeterna slot . This creation reveals a unique mechanism of its kind and a rather unusual theme. Between the visual and the available features, originality is at the rendezvous.

Aeterna slot: A New Space-Themed Slot Game from 1×2 Gaming with Unique Reel Layout and Cascading Symbols

The new title from publisher 1×2 Gaming, Aeterna, comes with 3 reels and no paylines. The slot machine adopts the theme of space revealing corresponding graphics and symbols. In the background, the stars dominate the square offering players a very exciting spatial framework. With a quality design, the soundtrack energizes the session by emitting spatial tones. 

As for the shape of the slot, one of the coils is positioned vertically and the other two intersect so as to form a diagonal direction. To create a winning combination, there are 7 icons that appear on the screen at the same time. Their appearance leads to the cascade mode thus optimizing the formation of paying symbols. 

A multiplier counter is visible and scrolls over the playing area. As for the symbols, they take on geometric shapes with various colors. The selection consists of a blue pyramid, a yellow star, a purple pentagon, an orange cylinder, a red sphere and a green cube. A silver A-shaped scatter also completes the list.

Aeterna: Simple Gameplay, Bet Range from 0.10 to 50 Euro, and up to 10,000x Jackpot

In order to play the Aeterna slot on slot88, the range of bets varies between 0.10 euro to 50 euro per spin. The principle remains simple since it suffices to align at least three symbols triggering an avalanche system. At most, the jackpot is 10,000 times the bet, or around $500,000. As for the payout rate, it ranges up to 96.19% with average volatility.

Aeterna Slot

How The Game Works

Aeterna adopts an Orbital payment method which provides 7 available symbols. When the user activates a winning spin, a cascading reaction is triggered replacing symbols to make way for others. During this session, a multiplier occurs and increases up to 20× in the base game. With each win, the winning symbols disappear and display again.

Another formula can cause two paying combinations at the same time comprising three regular symbols each. This is the Twin Win Booster feature which has the ability to clone symbols thus maximizing the rewards. If the player scores two 3x wins, the Reactor increases its value to a 6x win.

The online slot includes a bonus feature which will be accessible through the blue A-shaped logo. To access the Wheel of Fortune type bonus, you must have more than 4 bonus symbols on the screen. The player will have the opportunity to benefit from 5, 10, 15 or 30 free spins. In addition, the presence of new bonus symbols may re-trigger Free Spins throughout the session. Additional free spins will be available and without any limit.


In the end, the Aeterna game from 1×2 Gaming and Black Pudding Games offers players a totally different gaming experience. Between the multipliers and the unlimited free spins, the huge winning potential to satisfy online casino gaming enthusiasts. Finally, the orbital reactor is an attractive and innovative mechanism that changes classic functions.

Aeterna slot, a brand-new slot from developer 12 Gaming, has three wheels but no paylines. The slot machine adopts the space motif and displays graphics and symbols that go along with it. The stars, which dominate the square in the backdrop, give players a very intriguing spatial context. The music enlivens the experience with a high-quality design that emits spatial tones. 

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