Aztec Gems Deluxe Slot Review RTP 96.50% (Pragmatic Play)

Aztec Gems Deluxe Slot Review

You must be curious about the Aztec Gems Deluxe slot review. The first “normal” edition of this game, the second in a series, was released by Pragmatic Play in 2018. 

They returned with a new slot that has increased volatility, better potential, removed some possibilities, and added others; as a result, it is currently distinct enough from the previous one to merit some attention.

Details of Aztec Gems Deluxe Slot Review

The 3×3 reels and a total of 9 active lines are features of this particular Aztec Gems game. If you like the more traditional set-ups. 

This slot deposit pulsa game with a 96.50% RTP, medium-high volatility, and 1,000x jackpot that is supplied by the slot’s huge features, might be worth playing. In order to keep the action on those reels exciting, you also have wild symbols, a number of scatters, respins, and the Wheel of Fortune.

1. Wagering Option

As little as $0.09 can be wagered on the game, which is enough to send $0.01 to each of its lines. If your budget allows, increase the amount further, even up to $90 every spin and $10 per line.

However, placing large bets shouldn’t be something you do carelessly. It’s not quite as calm as we would want because the slot has medium-high volatility, especially given that its peak payouts don’t seem to go above 1,000 times the bet (Grand Jackpot). 

However, its standard combinations and respins offer alternatives. In the end, we decide that the game’s RTP of 96.50% is satisfactory.

2. Slot Features

The wild symbol, one of the feature symbols, serves as the default replacement. If you obtain it on all three spots of the line, it pays you out right away, or you can use it to make a new win or fill in for one that is missing.

The scatter symbol with the Money emblem and the respins it initiates are the other significant one. Out of the nine symbols present on the 3×3 reels, there must be four positions occupied by the Money symbols simultaneously.

When the conditions are satisfied, you have access to Money Respins, a kind of feature that is appearing more frequently in slot machines. 

Then, it respins the other spots, bringing either blanks or Money symbols to replace the locked-in Money symbols. New Money symbols will cause a reset of the three respins. The feature expires after you have completed all of them.

If you have up to 8 Money symbols visible, each one will then award you with cash, and that’s all. In the event that you collect nine money symbols, either the Wheel of Fortune or a Multiplier will activate as an additional feature.

The Multiplier only increases the payout that you already know about by multiplying the wins from that spin by up to 10x. One of the four set jackpots or a prize up to 388 times the wager will be revealed when the Wheel of Fortune stops spinning (up to 1,000x the stake, from the Grand Jackpot).

3. Design and Theme

The Aztec Gems Deluxe slot review’s narrative did not particularly excite us. It’s just your standard treasure-themed slot machine with a little Aztec influence. 

The golden reels are embellished correctly before being filled with idols and different gemstones set in gold. It’s about as clichéd as it gets when the jungle serves as the background. Not that we wouldn’t play it, simply that the graphics don’t improve the gameplay in any way.

Final Words

Aztec Gems Deluxe slot review, which adds respins and other contemporary elements to a layout with only 3×3 reels, appears to have the potential to be more entertaining than the original. 

It also has more volatility and respectable potential. Overall, though, it’s a forgettable game that is about as mediocre as they come, not the kind that we would miss if it disappeared.

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