Mega Fortune Casino Slots Free Online: 5 Best Review 2021

Mega Fortune Casino Slots Free Online

We tested Mega Fortune Casino Slots Free Online with 1000 spins. In this review, you can read everything about this slot machine with millions of jackpots from game maker Netent.

If you like to play for a jackpot that can go up to many, many millions of dollars, then you will quickly end up at Mega Fortune.

Mega Fortune Casino Slots Free Online

1. The History of Mega Fortune

Since its introduction in 2009, it has been one of the most popular video slots from slot machine developer Netent. This is mainly due to the huge Mega Jackpot that can be won on this slot machine.

The chance of winning such a million dollar amount is small, do you think? wrong. If you look at the history of Mega Fortune, you will see that the main prize (the Mega Jackpot) falls approximately every 13 weeks. 

Every 13 weeks… On average, a winner wins more than $4.5 million, enough to be able to stop working and/or move to a tropical island.

The Mega Fortune jackpot can hit so many times and yet be so high, because it is a so-called ‘pooled jackpot’. ‘Pooled’ means that several internet casinos share the jackpot together. 

The jackpot is filled by players from all online casinos at the same time, so that goes very quickly.

Currently, the Mega Fortune Mega Jackpot stands at almost $4.8 million (as of October 12, 2015).

2. How Does Mega Fortune Work? 

Mega Fortune obviously has 25 paylines which you can play from a minimum bet of 1 cent per payline. There are 5 reels with 3 symbols in sight per reel. 

The symbols consist of deliciously decadent stuff: a limousine, a diamond Rolex, a glass of cognac with a thick cigar. A motor yacht with the text WILD counts, how surprisingly, as a joker.

There will exist a bottle of champagne, it with the text SCATTER names the scatter symbol. If you spin 3 or more scatter symbols, you win Free Spins. 

Click on one of the bottles of champagne and you will see how many free spins you get and, not unimportantly, with which multiplier.

If you get two or more scatter symbols during the Free Spins, you can click on one of the bottles of champagne again. You will then receive a number of extra free spins or your multiplier will be increased. Exciting. 

Mega Fortune is of course about the jackpots. You can win it in the Bonus game. The Bonus game starts when you spin three BONUS symbols on a payline on the first three reels of Mega Fortune.

3. The Bonus Game

As soon as the Bonus game starts, you will see a kind of Wheel of Fortune with not one, but three spinning discs. 

First, the outer disk spins. If the wheel stops on an amount, you immediately win that amount as a cash prize and the Bonus Round is finished.

If the wheel stops on an arrow, the Bonus round continues: the middle disc starts spinning. The amounts on that disk are a lot higher and there are two boxes with the word RAPID. 

If the wheel lands on it, you win the Rapid Jackpot. Usually, you can get a few hundred dollars. 

If the middle wheel also stops on an arrow, it becomes extremely exciting. You then go to the innermost disk, with twelve squares. 

Ten of them have high cash prizes. The eleventh space is for the Major Jackpot, which is at least a few thousand euros. Minimal. The twelfth square is good for the Mega Fortune Mega Jackpot.

4. The 1000 Spins in Mega Fortune

Of course we played 1000 spins on Mega Fortune for this slot review. We played all paylines (25) with a bet of $0.01 per payline. In total, our bet is 250 dollars.

During the base game, not much happens in terms of tension and prizes. You often win small prizes (about half of the spins give a winning combination) but larger prizes are (very) rare. Our highest win in the base game was $10.04. Not even close to a million. Hm…

The Free Spins, on the other hand, are exciting. This is partly due to the multiplier. We received the Free Spins feature 6 times during his 1000 spins and won an average of 8 dollars, 32 times his bet.

We also got the Bonus Feature 9 times. Of those 9 times, the outer wheel stopped on an arrow 8 times, causing the middle disc to spin. That was exciting!. 

Unfortunately, we never once reached the innermost disk. On average he won $1.17 with the Bonus. After 1000 spins, we lost $34.42.

5. Conclusion

If you like to play for a really big prize, then the Mega Fortune Casino Slots Free Online is recommended. Don’t hesitate to join playing dominoqq on your favorite site.

We don’t find the base game that spectacular, but the bonus game is incredibly exciting. Especially if you are lucky enough to get the inner wheel.

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