Dishonored 2 Review: Most Fascinating Game

Dishonored 2 review

Dishonored 2 Review – The open-world game by Arkane Studios and Bethesda, Dishonored 2, deserves the title of being one of the best game action. Despite the first-person perspective that makes it probably feels similar to other action games that take a similar viewpoint, Arkane manages to make it feel special.

A game that not only gives you a large enough space to play but also chooses the method of completion for each of the existing objectives. Through Dishonored 2 review, we are going to know some pros and cons of the game. Well, let’s start to break down the pros and cons. 

Dishonored 2 Review: Most Fascinating Game, The Pros

Like other action games, we’ll find the pros and cons of this game. And today is a great day to review the pros and cons of every aspect. 

New Gameplay Innovation: Two-Character System

Dishonored 2 Review

Arkane seems to come with one mindset – not to try to fix something that isn’t wrong, something we welcome. The result? From the core of the basic game it offers, those of you who have tasted the first Dishonored will get a familiar sensation. 

But not only repeating the same success formula, they also injected several new gameplay innovations such as a two-character system with different skills and level designs which now open up a lot of room for exploration and implementation of varied play styles. We’re talking about a design that even allows you to finish this game without relying on strength at all.

Dishonored 2 review itself is a direct sequel to the first Dishonored series. 15 years after the first event, Emily Kaldwin, one of the characters of the game, has finally grown into a grown woman who sits on the Dunwall throne. Beside him, stood loyal to his father, Corvo Attano, who also served as a protector and at the same time as an advisor. However, this “beautiful dream” did not last forever. Because a gripping “something” is happening.

Amazing Skills Presented by The Characters 

Dishonored-2 review

As promised by Arkane himself, both Emily and Corvo come with different skill sets. The passive skills that you can activate using the Runes that you get are still the same, but the series of active skills that you can use to get one or two strategic advantages in your actions differ quite a lot from one another. 

Emily has the ability like Domino to make an effect that will automatically affect other targets that are bound to this power, while Corvo has the ability to stop time, for example. You have the freedom to choose which skills you want to activate, and each of these skills is also designed to ensure you can still play this game stealth or frontally with any character.

Based on the Dishonored 2 review, Emily and Corvo are also adorned with skills that are almost similar to each other, such as the ability to move quickly. Emily has an ability called Far Reach and Corvo has Blink. But even for skills like this, Arkane managed to make it different. As the name suggests, Far Reach turns out to have an advantage in terms of distance, allowing Emily to “jump” quite a distance from one point to another, while Blink takes a closer distance. 

But when combined with other Corvo skills, Blink also has a function that cannot be ruled out. But as far as our impressions go, it’s hard to deny that Emily did end up being more suited to non-lethal gameplay, while Corvo was the opposite.

Mode of Replayability

According to Dishonored 2 review, with a design like this, the one that is sure to support is the chance of great replayability. The presence of two different characters and different skills is a big door of opportunity for gamers who will be encouraged to finish this game, at least twice. Not only to try out the uniqueness of each character but also to try out variations in playing styles that can be taken.

The essence of the gameplay itself is not much different from the first series. Arkane seems to understand what makes Dishonored 2 review so loved. Arkane maintains it and then enriches it in this second series. This second game focuses on creativity.

Like the first series, Dishonored 2 review also continues to move from one chapter to another in a linear line. You will be given a super clear objective of what you need to do to complete the chapter. So, where is the open world? For each chapter, you will be given a part of the city as a “playground” with a variety of platform challenges, enemies, and traps in it. The rest? It’s up to you how to use this space to achieve these missions.

Dishonored 2 Is An Open-World Game with Many Alternatives

What you do to achieve the goals of each mission will depend on your own desires, and Arkane has plenty of room there. You who have a passion for killing? You can kill whoever you want to kill here. Those of you who want to play without killing anyone, you also have space here. You want to enter the main place through just a window? You can. Would you like to pass a large, invisible door guarded by dozens of troops? You can. Or would you like to find an alternative door that is even safer? There is always an opportunity for that. 

In essence, Dishonored 2 review is designed as an open world that provides so many alternative solutions to your problems. The question now is, what do you want to do?

Because the world design in Dishonored 2 review is arguably one of the best. We are not just talking about a Steampunk themed world that remains unique and beautiful to look at with the right atmosphere, but also the platforming design in it itself. 

Why? Because in the end Arkane has to make sure that every place they offer can accommodate whatever choices gamers make. There is always a solution to every problem no matter what strength you take / don’t take. And from a design like this, it’s hard not to give the highest appreciation.

Non-Lethal or Lethal Format

From the Dishonored 2 review, you can indeed taste this game in lethal or non-lethal format. Each has its own consequences. Too many kills, then you will make the world of Dishonored 2 fall in the status of “High-Chaos”. Death brings disease and rodents. Even though you didn’t see the impact firsthand when trying this route as a Corvo, it’s likely that it will end up in the ending like what you get or just the last setting at Dunwall. 

Meanwhile, those of you who are patient to play this non-lethally will be rewarded with Low-Chaos status. From our own perspective, non-lethal is the best alternative way to enjoy Dishonored 2.

The game’s design also opens up space to ensure non-lethal playing styles that always have room there, even for boss fights. To facilitate this, there is always a way to defeat the bosses in each chapter without killing them, which usually requires you to take one or two more game steps to do it, including completing side missions. 

More Challenging Gameplay

The challenge is indeed more effective here because sometimes you can get a broader perspective on what happened to the boss himself or how the conflict can be resolved without bloodshed at all. An extra reason, like ours before, to enjoy this game on a non-lethal basis before it falls on your killing instinct. If you are unable to do it throughout the game, at least try this gameplay style when only dealing with existing bosses.

In addition to the strength that you can maximize, each character will also be supported with a variety of equipment that is ready to change the course of the game. You can use the Rewire item, for example, to make a trap set by the enemy now reacts fatally to the enemy and not the other way around. 

Or if you want to be a little more violent, a trap that can instantly turn your enemy into a pulp of meat is also available for those of you who really like the smell of blood around you.

On the other hand, still based on the Dishonored 2 review, the game brought what was interesting and successful in the first Dishonored, and then perfected it with a level design that not only feels better from the atmospheric side but supports different playing styles from one another. The choice of skill will indeed determine how fast you go through each of the challenges that exist, but it never ends up being something absolute. 

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Dishonored 2 Review The Cons

We are amazed with the pros of the game, but the game also has some cons we should know. And the followings are the game’s cons:

  • Uninteresting plot or storyline
  •  If you get the wrong sequents, you end up the game
  • The auto-save that continually buries the important points

Game Details

DeveloperArkane Studios
PublisherBethesda Softworks
PlatformMicrosoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
ReleasedNovember 11, 2016
GenreAction-adventure, stealth
Official Site

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