[CREEPY!] 10 Haunted Casino In Las Vegas & Around The Globe

Haunted Casino

This Halloween, we take a look at the world’s most haunted casino. On the spookiest night of the year, gamblers should be on the watch for any ghosts, from tragedy to heartwarming anecdotes.

We all enjoy a good ghost story to give us a nice scare on Halloween. So grab your favorite Halloween sweets, turn off the lights, and read on for the world’s most casinos haunted… If you dare.

Haunted Casino In Las Vegas & Around The Globe

We’ve got you covered if you’re searching for a creepy, seasonal backdrop to play your favorite table games.

Flamingo, Las Vegas

 haunted casino

This haunted casino has a famous ghost who haunts his old haunt: Bugsy Siegel. It is the oldest existing casino on the Vegas strip. Siegel was a pioneer in the early days of Las Vegas, as a key figure in the Jewish mob. 

With the establishment of the opulent Flamingo Hotel and Casino in March 1947, Siegel helped cement Las Vegas’ place as the nation’s gambling capital.

The Story

Siegel was assassinated three months later at his girlfriend’s home in Beverly Hills by an unknown assailant. Even though Siegel never lived to see his imprint on Las Vegas, some claim he visits the city from time to time.

Indeed, it appears that Bugsy’s ghost has selected Flamingo as his afterlife hangout. Siegel has been spotted in the Presidential Suite, lounging by the pool, in the wedding chapel, and even enjoying his commemorative plaque, according to casino visitors. Siegel seemed to be able to appreciate his casino in the afterlife.

Bullock Hotel & Casino, Deadwood, South Dakota

Haunted casino

The oldest hotel in the world-famous Wild West town of Deadwood was erected in 1895 by Seth Bullock, the town’s sheriff (whom Timothy Olyphant notably played in HBO’s Deadwood).

Paranormal activity is well recognized at the gorgeous and historic hotel and casino that dominates Main Street. Seth Bullock is without a doubt the most renowned spectral inhabitant.

Guests have apparently seen the former cop in doors and mirrors, possibly to ensure that residents aren’t up to no good.

The hotel offers ghost tours of the site, and employees claim that unusual activity is only reported when they are sleeping. Even from beyond the dead, it appears that Seth Bullock valued a strong work ethic.

Palace Casino, Bucharest, Romania

This casino sits at the ancient Casa Vernescu in the center of Bucharest, Romania’s capital. Rumors have circulated throughout the building’s history as a casino about once-wealthy gamblers who, after losing everything, terminated their lives within the walls of the elegant Casa Vernescu. 

Guests at the casino have reported spooky chilly draughts, furniture that moves suddenly, and the lingering aroma of gunpowder, among other things.

Despite the worrisome paranormal activity, the Palace Casino’s casino personnel are unfazed. The dealers dress up for Halloween and play all of the standard casino games, but with a frightening twist. Hopefully, that will suffice to ward off any pessimistic thoughts.

Tropicana, Las Vegas

haunted casino

Several enormous tiki statues originally stood at one of this iconic Vegas casino’s entrances, providing a Pacific island motif. 

The largest of the tikis was said to represent a god of wealth, and optimistic gamblers would try to touch it for good luck before entering.

According to folklore, individuals who touched this tiki received more than they bargained for: a purple rash appeared on their entire body, but most obviously on their face.

If that wasn’t scary enough, images of the tiki were alleged to occasionally capture a purple miasma emerging from the monument. Is it possible that the tiki was possessed by an irate spirit? We may never know because the tikis were removed from public view several years ago by casino management.

Is this just a regular refurbishment, or is there something more dark and macabre going on?

Bally’s, Las Vegas

One of the saddest stories on this list occurred in 1980, when the then-MGM Grand underwent one of the biggest fires in US history, killing 85 people.

It was a horrific fire, made worse by the lack of safety precautions like a sprinkler system. Only nine months after the fatal fire, the casino was restored and reopened, and in 1986, it was sold and renamed Bally’s.

Guests and workers have claimed to have seen spectral apparitions in the upper halls, where many people died in the 1980 disaster. Indeed, due to paranormal activity, the personnel at Bally’s are said to avoid assigning rooms on the 23rd level.

A phantom woman has also been seen amid the slots, smoking and playing two machines at the same time. Some have claimed to have seen this woman and noticed that instead of a cigarette, the apparition’s garments are on fire.

Casino de Monte-Carlo, Monaco

haunted casino

Whether for the Grand Prix de Monaco or the appeal of the roulette wheel, the jewel in the crown of Monaco’s gambling sector attracts Europe’s elite throughout the year. A fashionable phantom lives in the glitzy casino: an exquisite woman dressed in a red evening gown.

Despite the fact that she would be at home in Monte Carlo’s glamor, her specter remains a strange guest among the living players. According to legend, she enjoys taking the Queen of Hearts from players and decks for some inexplicable reason.

Perhaps this card has a deeper meaning in her life, or perhaps she requires them for some nefarious poker event. Hold on to the Queen of Hearts if you find yourself at the Casino de Monte Carlo.

Colorado Grande Casino, Cripple Creek, Colorado

This gold mining town turned casino hub, only about 100 miles from Denver, is now home to one of the most well-known ghosts on the list. 

The Colorado Grande Casino is housed in a structure that was built in 1896 and has served several roles over the last century (from drugstore to Masonic ballroom to mortuary) before becoming a casino in 1991.

The appearance of a young, red-headed woman clothed in turn-of-the-century attire has been recorded by visitors. Maggie has been fondly called after several have reported hearing this spirit singing with a strong Irish accent.

Maggie has taken to playing the slots, which is maybe the most amazing thing about her! Many people have seen this phantom lass late at night playing the slots.

Maggie is a well-liked character at the Colorado Grande Casino. Maggie’s is not just the name of the restaurant, but also of the casino’s VIP program. Maggie must value the warmth and devotion she receives from her casino patrons. Hm… It becomes a haunted casino.

Whiskey Pete’s, Primm, Nevada

haunted casino

Primm is a small town on the Nevada-California border that is home to multiple casinos. Whiskey Pete was a local pioneer who had a petrol station and also brewed moonshine on the side. 

He wanted to be buried in the mountains standing up when he died in 1933, so that he might look over his property. Now he stands in front of a casino named after him, and some claim he gives it a second glance.

The Spirit

Whiskey is a spirit. Pete is supposed to stroll the corridors and gambling floors of his casino, and it’s possible that he’s pleased to see that he’s still respected and remembered nearly a century after his death. Some people claim that when they return to their cars after a night of gambling, their petrol tanks have been curiously refilled. Perhaps Pete wants people to remember his lowly beginnings?

Pete isn’t the only ghost who haunts this establishment. Whiskey The bullet-riddled automobile in which notorious robbers Bonnie and Clyde were gunned down by law enforcement in 1934 is also on exhibit at Pete’s casino. For ten years, casino patrons have been shocked by the macabre display of their automobile, Clyde Barrow’s bullet, and a blood-soaked blouse.

Uneasy energy has been noted surrounding the display, maybe linked to the shock, wrath, and fear experienced by the legendary outlaws in their final moments.

Westgate, Las Vegas

haunted casino

On the Vegas Strip, the then-International Hotel and Casino opened in 1969.

Only a few months later, they announced that Elvis Presley, the King, would be relocating to the new casino in a comeback to end all comebacks. Until his untimely death in 1977 in Graceland, the King performed 837 shows over a seven-year period.

Elvis Presley, like Bugsy Siegel, appears to have flown to Las Vegas in the afterlife to relive some of his most prosperous years.

The Spirit Started

Only a few months after Elvis’ death, fellow Vegas legend and friend Wayne Newton claimed to have seen the King’s spirit in the balcony seats of the Las Vegas hotel during a performance. While Elvis seemed to have come to witness his friend’s performance, he appears to have stayed! So creepy and haunted casino.

Elvis has been spotted by guests and workers in and around the theater, particularly in the green room and the Tuscany Suite, where Elvis and his entourage spent much of their time during his Vegas residency. Keep a look out for the King if you ever find yourself in Vegas!

Glamis Castle, Scotland

This isn’t a casino, but it is a creepy gambling tale. This old castle in Dundee was the birthplace of the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret (the current Queen Elizabeth II’s mother and sister, respectively), and is claimed to be Scotland’s most haunted structure.

According to folklore, the Earl of Crawford, the castle’s lord, was playing cards with friends one Saturday night. As the clock struck midnight, his partner came to a halt to avoid playing on the Sabbath. The Earl declined, claiming he’d play even if he had to play “with the devil himself!”

Soon after, a knock came at the door, and the Earl welcomed the tall, dark stranger inside. Even though it was the Sabbath, the Earl and the stranger continued to play cards.

According to legend, this stranger was the Devil himself, and the Earl bet and lost his soul to the Devil throughout the course of the night. Some people claim that you can still hear the noises of a card game through the stone walls late on a Saturday night from a hidden, blocked-off room in the castle.

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