Popping Pinatas Slot Review: RTP 94.35% (Rival Gaming)

Popping Pinatas Slot Review

If you are looking for the Popping Pinatas slot review, you will be amazed with this article. This game is not unusual for a contemporary slot machine, since we see a few similar games published each year, with a plot that centers around a Mexican festival. 

Though, at least in terms of design and payouts, Rival Gaming did a respectable job on every other part of the slot, there are still some drawbacks to consider. Have you played with situs judi slot online terbaik for a win.

A Brief of Popping Pinatas Slot Review

Popping Pinatas Slot Review

Popping Pinatas has 50 active lines on its 5×3 reels, giving you several opportunities to win a prize. Top payouts of $312,500 or 2,500 times the bet look impressive enough for any brand-new slot game, but the RTP of 94.35% is somewhat less alluring. 

The game’s main features are scatters, bonus rounds, a pinata bird wild in the night round, a puppy wild in the day round, and a puppy wild in the day round.

1. Betting Options

The betting options are yours to experiment with, and while we’d advise sticking with bets that cover all 50 lines, there is also the option to reduce the amount of active paylines. Otherwise, you can use up to 10 $0.25 coins each line and spend $0.50 to $125 per spin.

The usual combos will net you the best payouts in this case, with the Dancer symbol paying up to 2,500 times your line wager on each line it fully activates. The game may pay up to 2,500 times the wager ($312,500 maximum reward) if a full screen of these symbols (and possibly wilds as well) appear.

While we think the top prize is a good one, the 94.35% RTP that has been mentioned for this game hasn’t exactly gotten our hearts racing. Rival’s offer with Popping Pinatas is rather low considering that the majority of respectable slots are currently at 96% or higher.

2. Game Features

There are two separate wild symbols that can show on the reels, depending on whether you’re playing in Day or Night mode, to aid you in various ways. When given the chance, each of these pay out straight in place of other symbols. While the Night Round wild only pays up to 750x, the Day Round wild can pay up to 1,000x.

The Skull scatter sign is another one that is present. It also activates the Night Round mode and pays, though much less. This scatter is only available during Day Rounds. Additionally, there is a possibility that it will start the Find Pequeno bonus game.

Although there are two different bonus symbols, both have the potential to start a bonus game. The Donkey Pinata symbol and the Pinata Popping bonus game are featured in the Day Round Bonus, while the Perdido sign and the Find Pequeno bonus are featured in the Night Round Bonus.

3. Theme and Design

Although it’s a fairly frequent concept, it’s executed excellently here. Alongside the reels, there are vibrant Mexican singers who sing continually, a stunning dancer who occasionally appears, and a local town’s street in the background. The only themed symbols are found on the reels.

We are first shown Pequeno, a Toucan Pinata, Skulls, a Donkey Pinata, and a Lost Dog Poster by the feature symbols. Second, we discover the dancer, two singers, guitar, hat, trumpet, noisemakers, tequila, and three different kinds of peppers as regular symbols (yellow, orange and green).

Final Words

In conclusion of Popping Pinatas slot review, the game works in a number of areas, and if it weren’t for its below average RTP of 94.35%, we might even urge you to give it a shot. But as it stands, we don’t think it’s worthwhile.

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