The Story of a Former Online Gambling Addict

In Indonesia, gambling is generally prohibited by religion and the state. The short story below tells the story of a former online gambling addict. Here’s the story.

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But in reality, gambling in various forms is still a trend in this large Muslim country. One way that many people use to gamble is online gambling which is no longer taboo in the country. Currently, Indonesia has many gambling sites and online bookies. Do not believe? Just try searching on Google with the keyword “online gambling”.

The forms of gambling that Indonesians play on the internet also vary. From the guise of online slot games to guessing the score of football matches at online sports bookies. Yes, it turns out that playing football is not only associated with a healthy hobby in Indonesia.

The Beginning of Online Gambling Addiction

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However, it can also be miserable if channeled through gambling activities. This is what Fendi Christian (22) experienced firsthand. This young man from Malang, East Java told us his story of being an online gambling player for 3 years, through a story telling service, last Saturday.

Fendi admitted that he started playing online gambling since 2012. Starting from a friendly offer from a colleague who has developed a ‘hobby’, namely online gambling. Long story short, Fendi was finally interested. According to Fendi, his colleagues like to play online gambling through his personal tablet and smartphone.

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Once when they got together, Fendi was asked by his friend if he had debit cards for BCA, Bank Mandiri, and BNI. “I just happen to have it all. At that time, I was immediately told to come along,” said the man who works as a bank employee in Serang, Banten.

Transferring some money to an online gambling site or through a SBOBET agent , Fendi is ready to bet on one to many football matches he likes. Initially only spent 200 thousand rupiah.

The Addiction That Gets Enthralled

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But, over time the nominal increased several times to several million rupiah. In his spare time Fendi says he also plays online domino games Qiu Qiu and Joker123. But as it turned out, it wasn’t his favorite game.

Biggest win up to IDR 42 million!

That means US$2,800 for a single game, Fendi said.

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If Fendi wins, he will get double profit from the nominal he puts. Fendi’s top teams are the Japanese football team, Urawa Reds and the English Premier League team, Liverpool, which also has the same nickname as Urawa, the Reds. Fendi is willing to spend a lot of money on these teams when they are competing in the league.

Fendi claimed to have won up to IDR 340 million or $23,000
from various bets on football matches. Especially when in an ‘easy to read’ match, Fendi can pocket a turnover of up to Rp. 10 million in a single draw. Unfortunately, the benefits of gambling have not been used until now.

Winning Money Just Runs Out

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Whenever Fendi wins a bet, it is always spent having fun at nightclubs, buying luxury goods, or being used as capital for bigger bets. It’s like betting on online slot games or online lottery agents, Fendi said.

From the results of this new online gambling habit, Fendi bought a Kijang Innova in 2014 and various Apple brand gadgets. But it all only lasted for a few weeks. Fendi had to sell everything and what was left of the sale was used for gambling capital.

The losing streak is starting to come…

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Unfortunately, Fendi lost dozens of times after his previous victory…
Not only personal belongings from gambling that had run out without a trace, but unfortunately, debts that had not been paid off also piled up. Feeling unable to manage his debt anymore, Fendi finally told his parents.

Initially, Fendi’s father did not want to help pay off his debt due to online gambling addiction. According to Fendi’s father, the debt arose because of Fendi’s reckless actions and behavior. So Fendi must try to be responsible for solving it himself.

Trapped in Debt of Tens of Millions Due to Online Gambling


Unlike his father, Fendi’s mother finally wanted to help him, even though she had to spice up the money from her husband. he gave Fendi advice and he promised to fulfill it. The promise only lasted a few weeks, before long Fendi returned to gambling.

But after repeatedly hearing the same old advice of his mother. Fendi finally realized that he had to stop playing online gambling. Not only that, the money to pay off debts borrowed from the bank amounted to Rp. 60 million along with a house certificate as collateral.

After long and hard deliberation, Fendi felt that he should stop gambling

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Now, Fendi has fulfilled his promise to his parents to completely stop being an online gambling player. “Now, I deliberately damage all the ATMs so as not to gamble again,” said Fendi. While the money from working in the bank is used to pay off her mother’s debt to the bank.

Another lesson that Fendi feels is that at this time he is diligent in praying to God. Whereas previously Fendi admitted that he had never prayed at all. “I learned from Google how to pray. Thank God my life is calmer and happier,” he said.

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The End of the Story That Touches the Soul…

Currently, Fendi also advised everyone he knew not to engage in gambling activities. Apart from being stuck in a cage, no matter how much you win, you will still lose more than you won.

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It is not easy to stop if you have already gambled, especially if you are gambling at online lottery. But it’s not impossible to refuse, right?
You couldn’t be more wrong!

This touching story was conveyed by Fendi through the toll-free number 0-800-1-555-999. Everyone has a story.

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Yes, including you have hidden stories, be it success stories, funny, sad, inspirational, mysteries, adventures to witness the beauty of nature, misfortunes, or life struggles that you only keep to yourself.

Of course, you also have an interesting story to share with us.

Contact us, and share your life story.

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