Top 5 Popular Gambling Card Games

Top 5 Popular Gambling Card Games

Popular Gambling – In fact, gambling card games are the most popular type of game for the Indonesian people. Usually played pkv to fill empty time. It turns out that there have been many popular gambling card games since ancient times. Although there is no Android smartphone, internet, and other technological sophistication.

Usually, ancient children played cards after school with their friends. Traditional card games reflect Indonesian culture because they aim to strengthen the brotherhood. For example, playing cards are often played during celebrations or night patrols.

In addition, playing cards feel less if there is no coffee and fries available. Thanks to card games, people who previously didn’t know each other became close. Here is a list of the top 5 popular gambling card games that you should play.

5 Popular Gambling Card Games

Card games are referred to as a unifying tool of the nation. Especially if it is played for hours, it might lead to intimacy and cohesiveness. Here is the 5 popular gambling card games that I would otherwise pass up.

Top 5 Popular Gambling Card Games
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1. Hoe

Cangkulan is a type of game that is favored by the people of Indonesia. Because it is played together by 3 to 6 people. Judging from the rules of the game is also very easy.

Where players can discard one card that displays the same image so that the card in their hand runs out. If a player is found who does not hold the same picture card, he must automatically take the card that is in the card pile. Players will continue to draw cards until they find an exact match.

2. Blackjack

Who does not know the game blackjack is a simple card game. Usually in one round loved by more players than in other games. In the game of blackjack, the player must collect a value of 21 and is not limited to cards with the same image.

Basically, a blackjack card game based on strategy and reason. But to win the game still requires luck.

3. Capsa Banting

Capsa Banting is popularly known as Big 2. This one game is quite popular among Indonesian people. Ideally played together by 4 players. Where each player will get 13 cards.

The game will start with the player who issued the lowest card, namely three diamonds. If there is a player who spends his cards quickly, he will come out as a winner.

4. Capsa Susun

Capsa Susun is the same card game as Capsa Banting. Judging from the players are also the same amounting to 4 people. Each gets 13 cards. The difference with Capsa banting is that each player must arrange cards into 3 parts in the order of 5-5-3.

Where are 5 cards in the middle and bottom? Meanwhile, 3 other cards are placed at the very top. Once arranged, players will compare each part of their cards. The goal is to determine the winning points obtained.

5. 41

The 41-card game is a familiar game. In fact, the fans are very much because the way to play it is simple and quite easy. Played with playing cards by 4 players.

The essence of the 41 card game is to rely on calculation and luck to collect similar picture cards. The main requirement is that all cards collected after being added up are 41. The player who can show himself to get a value of 41 is the winner.

Popular gambling card game in Indonesia as the above review has existed for a long time. Even though the technology is developing rapidly, many people still playing. / Dy

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