Gambling is a serious problem faced in Indonesia. There are still many people who are addicted to gambling. Of course this cannot be allowed, because of course many people will be destroyed just because of gambling. Due to the fact, gambling inflicts a lot of losses for those involved in it.

Gambling itself is actually not something new circulating in Indonesia, because gambling itself has emerged from time immemorial. Even gambling itself is not only spread in Indonesia, but also throughout the world. This can be seen in the news spread on television and internet media about some or most countries gambling with all its controversies

Likewise with drugs. Narcotics are illegal goods. Narcotics perpetrators, whether users or dealers, can both be sentenced to death if found guilty of violating the law. In addition to violating the law, narcotics can even cause death.

Similar to narcotics, gambling is also something that is prohibited in Indonesia. This is because gambling inflicts a lot of losses and has a bad effect on those who are involved in both gambling and narcotics. Both of these are actions that violate state law in Indonesia

The government has officially issued a law on the prohibition of gambling and narcotics. This means that if someone is gambling or using narcotics, it means that they have violated the applicable law. And it is, of course, a criminal act.

Because a criminal act is an action that is carried out in a way that is contrary to the applicable law in a country or region. The government itself has actually take firm action against those who have violated the law regarding gambling or narcotics.

We can see that many of them are gamblers, or drug users who have been given very severe punishments. Even the punishment given by the government to narcotics perpetrators is the death penalty.


But as we know, even though the government firmly takes action against these law violators, narcotics and gambling in the homeland seem endless and even more and more from time to time. This is of course because one of them is people who still have a high desire to play gambling.

Narcotics or gambling inflicts a lot of losses is not a figment. Many losses are indeed caused by narcotics and gambling. The losses caused by gambling are gambling makes money run out, gambling makes depression, gambling causes bankruptcy. And of course there are many more bad effects or effects that gambling brings.

Gambling in Indonesia itself is divided into 2 types, namely online and offline gambling. The types of online gambling that are currently in demand by the public are online poker gambling, online qiu qiu gambling, Slot online, and many more of course.

As explained above, gambling provides a lot of losses for the perpetrators. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you stop now or indeed leave the gambling environment in order to get a better life later in the future.

Stop gambling starting from now on if you really don’t want to experience destruction in your life, because apart from violating the law, gambling inflicts a lot of losses.

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