Joker Drop PopWins Review (RTP 95.8% with High Volatility)

Joker Drop PopWins Review

In this Joker Drop PopWins review, you will learn how to win this online slot game. Avatar UX’s signature mechanic PopWins has been licensed by a competitor developer, Stakelogic, in an unexpected move. 

PopWins had previously been linked with the developer, so there was some excitement about what a group of new thinking might bring to the table. However, if you recall Mystery Drop, Stakelogic’s PopWins clone that we reviewed a few months ago, the studio had already thrown a few hints – more on that later.

For the time being, what’s formed is a slot betting game with a common premise but a few unique features to complement the popping action. The true test comes from watching a game in action, so let’s see what a third party can achieve using Avatar UX’s official commitment to the evolution of slots.

Joker Drop PopWins Review with Classic Looks

As previously said, the premise of Joker Drop PopWins isn’t the most fascinating, being themed on fruit and jokers in classic Stakelogic design. You don’t need us to tell you how popular this style of an online slot is, so it might appeal to players searching for a more classic PopWins game. 

This online gaming machine is played on an expanded game grid that starts every spin in the standard game in a 5×4 design, which isn’t exactly traditional. The symbols, mood, and presentation, on the other hand, are pure old-school fruit, a genre that Stakelogic enjoys. You can find this game in almost every respectable online slot casino.

Joker Drop PopWins Review

Return to Player and Volatility

Players can choose stakes ranging from 20p to £/€10 each spin or spend double the amount to activate the Super Stake feature, which is playable, poppable, or whatever on any device. Scatter symbols are drawn into the bonus game, making it re-triggerable. 

The Super Stake has an impact on the game’s volatility, which is rated 5 out of 5 (high) when it’s turned on and 4 out of 5 when it’s turned off. The RTP is also available in a variety of formats, ranging from as low as 88% to a maximum of 95.8%.

Pay Symbols

Joker Drop PopWins is a game that rewards both ways, so you can win from either the left or right side of the game grid. 

This means that players have 1,024 chances to win (not including the pay both ways feature) in the starting position, rising to 16,807 when the grid is expanded to a maximum of 7 rows high. When a winning combination appears, the symbols involved pop and are replaced with two new symbols, increasing the size of the reels and paylines to their maximum size.

The 10-A royals, cherries, limes, pears, plums, oranges, grapes, watermelons, and 7s are just a few of the symbols used throughout the game. Any non-royal winning combination of five symbols pays out 0.75 to 5 times the first wager. There are wild symbols, but they are only visible because of the features; let’s have a look at them.

Game Features

Joker Drop offers free spins with a gamble drop feature, two collecting meters, and a bonus buy, in addition to the now-licensed PopWins concept.

1. Collection Meters

Miniature coins or diamond symbols may occur over regular symbols at random, and when they do, they are gathered in the matching coin or diamond meter. When the diamond meter is filled, 5 wild symbols appear on reels 2, 3, or 4. When the coin meter is full, mini reels appear in 5 random positions, every awarding a cash prize.

2. Free Spins

Players are rewarded with 5 free spins in the base game when all reels reach a height of 7 symbols. During a spin, the star meter on the left side keeps track of how many reels have achieved this height. 

Before the free spins begin, players can use the gamble drop feature to earn more spins. This slot machine is similar to pachinko in that a ball is dropped from the top of the screen into multiple buckets at the bottom. If you land on a red ‘x,’ you either lose and return to the base game, or you can earn extra free spins, up to 15.

Free spins are played on a 5×7 grid with a win multiplier of x3, to begin with. The multiplier grows by one after each win. 

Diamond scatter symbols may occur if the Super Stake option was activated when you began the bonus round; three of them in view award extra free spins. Joker symbols can also be employed as wild symbols in the free spins round, substituting any of the pay symbols.

3. Buy Feature

If you want to buy Joker Drop’s free spins feature, you’ll have to pay 120 times your stake. Players have the option of collecting 5 free spins or wagering them on the pachinko board once they’ve bought them.

Final Verdict

It was like opening a Russian doll of surprises when we were reviewing Joker Drop. The biggest surprise was learning that Stakelogic had licensed PopWins from Avatar UX rather than brashly using the technology and passing it off as their own, as they had done in Mystery Drop. 

This game will definitely turn into one of the classic online slot machines in terms of design, gameplay, and number of players. The huge fan base is another reason why this game can become a classic. You can compare it to other top classic slots that you probably never heard of or played before.

Avatar UX apparently didn’t want other studios to profit from their original ideas, so they intervened. Following further conversations, the two studios agreed to an agreement in which Stakelogic would have exclusive rights to the PopWins mechanism for six months. 

So, all’s well that ends well, money talks, and fans of PopWins receive a new take on the game from a different studio. Well, those are from pokerclub88 Joker Drop PopWins review that you figure out. 

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