Golden Ticket Slot demo: Free Spins, Bonuses, and Games

Golden Ticket Slot demo

Golden Ticket slot demo is an online slot machine created by Play’n GO that is played on a 7X7 grid. Wins are formed by combining combos of 3, 4 or 5 of the same symbols in a vertical or horizontal line. The free spins round is triggered by revealing the word “BONUS” on the reels.


England’s first modern circus is said to have been founded by Philip Astley in 1768. The idea of the circus itself is much older, dating back to Roman times, where audiences marveled at breathtaking displays of trained animals, combat gladiators, staged battles, equestrian shows, chariot races and much more.

How to play

Golden Ticket slot demo features a 5×5 grid and is a semi-arcade game with cascading symbols. The graphics are appealing and artistic, and the gaming experience is very positive. The returns are actually quite decent and the risk fair, which makes for a fun and well-rounded gaming experience.

The game itself is separated into several parts. In the center is the grid, with an increasing multiplier on the left. The menu is at the bottom like most slot games. The player must land a minimum of three symbols in a vertical or horizontal row for a prize to be paid, as detailed in the paytable. This game can played at online slot sites such as Bonanza88.

Bets and Symbols

Golden Ticket Slot demo

Regarding the bets, pressing ‘start’ will activate each spin at a cost between 0.20 and 40 credits. Players can use autoplay to generate a chosen number of games. The Golden Ticket symbols perfectly reflect the circus theme. Magicians, strong men, clowns, dumbbells and top hats appear.

Get five of the same symbols and the game will pay 25x the original bet for the base icons. The Golden Ticket is wild here and if five of them appear on the reel, the reward is a whopping 500x. There is also a bonus round that can be triggered when the BONUS column is completely cleared of symbols. Up to 20 additional bonus rounds will trigger with more than 5 bonus symbols.

The Beautiful Graphics Of Golden Ticket Slot demo

Golden Ticket is by all accounts a great looking online slot game with a well thought out design. The game starts with a short introductory clip that introduces the clowns, strongmen and the emcee and gives a brief overview of what you can expect on the drums. After clicking ‘continue’ you will enter the large red and white striped circus tent and be warmly welcomed as you walk through the curtained doors.

Once inside, you’ll find the game board and its distinctive 5×5 grid, with a clown on the right and the neon-lit game logo and multiplier meter on the left. The style of the game is a little ‘old-school’ circus, with the neon lights very reminiscent of past fairs. The graphics are given a completely modern feel and are designed to display flawlessly; they don’t look old-fashioned or rudimentary.

Every single one of the symbols on the reels is exquisitely made and perfectly portrays the spirit of the circus during its glory. The weights, top hat, and other associated iconography are all present and superbly drawn, as are the clown, ringmaster, and strongman.

Small details make each symbol stand out – whether it’s the filigree around the clown or the flames around the top hat, every facet has been carefully crafted. The developer has paid a lot of attention to this slot and has created a graphics-rich game that is a real visual treat. It’s not often you see such a beautiful slot; in fact, Golden Ticket slot demo has to be one of the developer’s true masterpieces.

RTP And Golden Ticket  Slot Demo Volatility

Golden Ticket is a low volatility slot from Play’n GO with an RTP of 96.73%, meaning a house edge of 3.27%. Low volatility slots offer frequent and smaller payouts in quick succession, unlike their high volatility counterparts which feature big wins less often. This slot machine can be generous because smaller, more frequent wins can build up quickly. Volatility and risk are pretty much the same, so this slot is considered a low-risk game rather than one that requires you to place big bets in hopes of big returns.

The percentage of RTP – return to player – is quite impressive, which indicates that players can expect regular wins. This theoretical percentage is calculated by the developer and is based on how much the game pays per 100 credits wagered.

It’s an average, so it doesn’t mean you’ll win 96% of the time; rather, it indicates that regular wins occur. 96.73 percent is higher than average, so the Golden Ticket certainly lives up to its glittering name!

Tips, Tricks, Cheats And Strategies

As with all Play’n GO slots, Golden Ticket is a game of chance; therefore, there is no way to influence the outcome of a spin or use strategy or skill to change the odds. This element of luck is what makes playing top-class slots so exciting, as every spin of the game can result in a big win from the very first time you play!

This software ensures that each round has an unbiased result that is not affected by the previous or subsequent round. RNGs are designed to deliver unbiased results and keep casino games fair and unpredictable; however, there are a few things you can do to maximize your chances of getting lucky with this circus-themed arcade style slot and we’re here to help.

The first is to always wager the most coins possible. The bigger your bet, the bigger your payout size, so betting big is always the best option.

Generally, another slots tip is to always activate all available paylines; however, in this case, there are no traditional paylines in play. You’re already at an advantage thanks to the way the symbols simply have to group together to result in a payout.

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